On Semi-Hiatus

I wonder how many sleepless nights you have to count before you find your way? How many times do you have to be struck in the face before you stop pretending you don't notice? How much pain must you endure before you smile freely?

The songs 'For Ces' and 'The Stars Above' are composed and played by me.

[mystfication → rikukase]

Anonymous said: ocarine aoiyumes akiyoru teriyakihichew trottinette

1) Ocarine -answered

2) Aoiyumes - I’ve been following her ever since she made her blog and she’s improving her blog so much and even making edits and stuff :D 

3) Akiyoru - answered

4) Teriyakihichew - Matt’s a cool guy with a cool scenery blog :D He was #1 on my tumblr crushes quite often in the past :3

5) Trottinette - answered